Thrasher Jet Boat - V3 Pre-Order Now!

Built upon the industry changing Thrasher RC Jet Boat, the most versatile and rugged RC boat in the world; Thrasher - V3's newly designed Patent Pending Jet Pump Technology will give you unprecedented performance out of the box.  V3 will bring many new features such as our stern mounted pump system for even faster maintenance and replacement and the option of multiple different pump options for your Thrasher.  Imagine being able to quickly swap out an entire pump assembly in minutes; run a less expensive pump for your adventures in shallow sandy creek beds and save your highly tuned high-performance pump for those deeper class 4 white water rapids.   This will all be possible with one boat -Thrasher V3!  Many new upgrades are planned as well including new stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts.  This exciting new Thrasher will be even more rugged and easier to work on than ever before.   Check back for more about this awesome new Thrasher jet boat from Streamline RC!