Full size servo adaptor kit - 48.8/41.6/10/6

Streamline RC

Regular price $39.99

This kit comes with all that you will need to install your full size servo into a Thrasher V1 or V2.  This kit comes with an adaptor plate, a steering rod, a quick trim adjusts system and a billet aluminum horn.  Because servos can vary in mounting dimensions, please check the drawing in the attached image to make sure that your servo will fit before making your purchase.  Another consideration is the height that your servo will fit the horn above the mounting plate as well as how deep your servo body will sit below the mounting plate.  This plate is designed for the servo horn to sit on a spline that has a top surface that is 20 mm above the servo mount surface of the plate and it is designed for a servo that is no deeper than 27 mm from the mounting surface to the bottom of the servo.  If you have a favorite servo that will not mount using this mounting plate, please send me an e-mail at scottp@streamlinerc.com and I will consider adding a suitable plate to our offering.  Please view our how to installation video prior to installation.

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