Thrasher V3 BNR - Thermo

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Innovations not found anywhere else in the industry:

  • SRC's Patent Pending Jet Drive Technology = 3x thrust to weight ratio
  • SRC's Proprietary Self-Righting System = fast, throttle free, self-righting
  • Continuous Duty Power Bilge System = reliability in the most extreme conditions
  • Waterproof 3 ch Receiver compatible with DSM2 surface transmitters - Transmitter required.  Note:  DSM2 a trademark of Spektrum / Horizon Hobby, Inc.
  • Single Screw Adjustable Trim System = easy to tune ride
  • Multi Piece Hull System = hull, deck, and lid are individually replaceable
  • Bow Armor and Exokeel = replaceable hull protection from bow to stern
  • Many Graphic Kits to choose from = a look to suit your liking

For more about Thrasher Jet Boats see our about us page or click here and scroll down to see all that is included with every Thrasher V3.