Thrasher Jet Boats

A World Leader in RC Jet Boat Development and Production

Streamline RC

We are a proven RC brand focused on developing innovative, industry changing, RC products. 

Reliable Performance

Powerful and Dependable

You can count on Thrasher day in and day out.  Unlike other RC products, Thrasher is designed and built in the USA with nothing but the highest standards.  Quality, reliability, and advancement is what drives us forward.

Nothing Compares to Thrasher


Steamline RC's significant investment into research and development has led to mind blowing advancements in scale jet drives, hulls, and control systems  advancements.  Through these efforts, Streamline RC has developed Thrasher, a jet boat with unprecidented capabilities, now in its third product generation, taking RC jet boating to new levels.


You can run a Thrasher in virtually all water and weather conditions.  We are passionate about advancing RC boating forward and beleive that RC boating should occur when you make the time for it.  You should not spend your valuable time waiting for glassy water or no wind to ensure a good experience.  We put our all into developing Thrasher to take on as much as you can put in front of it.  These new capabilities have not only advanced a single product forward, but they have facilitated the creation of an entirely new RC space and experience.  White water, rough water, waterfalls, jumps...where will your Thrasher adventure take you?


Customers contact us on a regular basis to tell us that they have a deep lineup of RC boats sitting on the shelf since purchasing their Thrasher.  The rugged and versatile performance of Thrasher coupled with Thrasher's dependability instils confidence with each and every exhilerating run; making Thrasher the RC boat of choice.