Over $200 in free upgrades for pre-order customers! Thrasher V3 Limitted Edition jet boats available now through Pre-Order!

For a limited time only, through Jan 6th, Streamline RC is offering Thrasher V3 Limited Edition jet boats.  These limited-edition Thrasher V3s will be made only for pre-order customers who order between now and Jan 6th.  In addition to outstanding features already packed into the Thrasher V3, Pre-Order customers will get a custom-built Thrasher V3 that includes an aluminum alloy jet pump body ($89), an 18-gauge stainless steel exokeel ($39), and a cnc aluminum impeller ($79).  All these factory installed upgrades are valued at over $200.  Pre-Order customers will receive these upgrades installed at no extra charge.  This is our way of saying thank you for your confidence in our products and for being an early adopter of the next exciting new Jet Boat from Streamline RC!

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