Reverse Bucket for Thrasher XP - RTR - New installation kit with GT5 tx

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This Streamline RC exclusive reverse bucket delivers unmatched maneuverability and durability; with full function steering in reverse and built to handle full throttle thrust.    Built like all Thrasher components, this reverse bucket assembly is nearly indestructible with a wide stance, multilink frame, it is built to take hard hits and keep on doing its thing!  Unlike all other reverse buckets found on RC Jet Boats, this reverse bucket will perform run after run, bashing after bashing, and it will allow for full maneuverability in reverse.  This complete kit includes a new FlySky 6 channel pistol style transmitter that will bind directly to your existing FlySky RTR receiver, servo, reverse bucket assembly, and all the connecting hardware.  Everything that you need to install the system and bind the new tx to your existing Thrasher RTR receiver is included.  If you are running your own radio, please see our Reverse Bucket – WOC – New installation kit.

How to install:

How to setup the included FlySky GT5 transmitter: